How to get your radiology exam scheduled?

If you have been seen by either Dr. Dungy, Renee Privett, PA-C or Tina Horton, PA-C and a radiology exam has been ordered to help diagnosis your particular problem, this is how our office will assist you in scheduling your exam. We provide X-ray services in our office; however, we will have to send you to a facility to get MRI testing.


Our office will contact your insurance company to verify if you need an authorization for your radiology exam. If one is required, we will obtain that for you. We do not check your insurance benefits for outpatient radiology services. We suggest you check with your insurance company if you have questions regarding co-pays, etc.

Once the authorization is obtained (if one is required), we will then fax/email the order for the radiology exam to the facility. The facility will then contact you directly to schedule your exam. If you do not hear from the facility within a week from your appointment, please contact our office.

Once you have scheduled your test, please call our office to schedule your follow-up appointment with Dr. Dungy. Typically, results are not given over the phone unless the test is normal. For your convenience, try to schedule your appointment for the first few appointments in the morning or afternoon. There usually is less of a wait time with our earlier appointments.

The radiology facility will typically forward your films/CD and reports to us. This will take approximately 3-5 days. You do not need to pick them up unless otherwise instructed to do so.

If you have any questions, please call 480-963-2233 and ask to speak with your provider’s medical assistant.

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